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A quote from a recent

Red Rock Wilderness Overnight Adventure

“My wife and I just spent a weekend with Paragon Adventures of St. George, Utah and we are still on a Red Rock HIGH! We were well taken care of by guide Fio and thoroughly enjoyed the Red Rock Wilderness Overnight Adventure. Unbelievable scenery mixed with fun physical challenges such as rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, zip lining and hiking through spiritual surroundings left us happy and quite well fed thanks to Fio’s culinary credentials as a world-re known chef. Take your favorite person and enjoy this adventure. You will remember it forever, especially dropping off the Lone Pine Arch!! Do This!!”

From our 2010 March St. Louis Private Dinner Tour

“Dear Fio and Lisa, thanks for the fabulous catering for what I hope will be the “annual Fio dinner!”.  We loved everything you created and our guests raved about the delicious food that was served.”

From the February 2009 St. Louis Private Dinner Tour

“Dear Fio and Lisa, our family had such a wonderful dinner experience with you and your team.  The food and flowers brought back so many great memories of dining in your restaurant.  We are so glad we were able to have a culinary adventure with you, together as a family.  We’re even thinking this would make a great new annual tradition for us!  Every detail of the night was perfect from being served wine and mussels in my parent’s family room, to the great explanations of the dishes prepared.  We enjoyed having a mystery ingredient to ponder and loved that you were able to incorporate the red pepper flake humor in the first course.  Thank you again for a fantastic evening!

“Thank you, thank you for a wonderful evening.  We are all still talking about it  …. The Giffords”

From a “Sunset Canyon Dining Adventure”, October 2008

“Fio and Lisa, thank you so much for our fantastic dining adventure.  The amazing and delicious food, the sunset, the view, and the company were all unforgettable.  We had a great time, and we’re letting all of our friends know about Fio’s fabulous food adventures!!”

From a “Culinary Tour of the SouthWest”, September 2008

“Thank you so much for an extraordinary Culinary Tour!  Josh and I had a fabulous time trying all of the best foods of our favorite cuisines.  We especially enjoyed our Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure dinner and the meal you prepared with all of our favorite foods and flavors…..You’ve opened our eyes to new ways of thinking about restaurants and food, and we’ve also renewed our excitement for cooking!”

During the course of his 20 years of ownership at Fio’s La Fourchette, Fio has consistently been lauded with outstanding reviews and prominent National awards. We thought that these might give insight into the uniqueness of the dining experience at the restaurant, as well as Fio’s creation of the “total hospitality” experience. Fio’s expertise and culinary creativity go beyond the presentation of the food on the plate. He understands and nurtures all of those essential elements needed to make a guest feel welcome.

Gourmet’s “Reader’s Choice Top Table” Award
St. Louis #1 restaurant, 1997 through 2000
“A great restaurant is a winning combination of fabulous food, attentive service, inviting ambiance, creative presentation, and fine wines. For 15 years chef-owner Fio Antognini and his wife, Lisa, have been delighting diners with his contemporary take on French-Swiss cuisine. The menu ranges from classic veal entrees and pates, to low-fat dishes, and there are Fio’s irresistible dessert soufflés.”

Zagat’s “Top French Classic Restaurant” 1990 through 2001
(Voted most popular, #1 for Food, and #2 for Service)

“This consistently superb French-Swiss pearl in Clayton, has garnered “tres formidable” ratings in the St. Louis Survey, causing many to sigh, it’s the closest they’ll come to Paris without TWA’s help. Special kudos go to the “heart-safe menu items”, the “free seconds” on any part of the meal and the pure romance of the setting; as for the pricing, it’s well worth the arm and the leg.”

Bon Appetit,“The Finest Meal in St. Louis”, 1985

“If you think you have to travel thousands of miles to find a world-class restaurant that serves wonderful gourmet cuisine, think again. One of the most exciting dining establishments you’ll ever discover, Fio’s La Fourchette, is located in St. Louis, tucked away on the west side of the St. Louis Galleria. Fio’s specializes in blending the best of traditional French cuisine with chef/owner Fio Antognini’s very own personal creations. Since its opening in 1982, this award-winning “gem of a restaurant” has won top honors and rave reviews from food critics and loyal patrons alike, who regularly drop by to savor its new offerings and old favorites, on a constantly updated menu. Nothing is ordinary, it’s extraordinary at Fio’s.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ”Fio’s La Fourchette, Bravo Imagination”
Joe Pollack, Restaurant Critic

(Joe has written favorably about the restaurant more than a dozen times in 20 years. Here are excerpts from two of those reviews)

“When it comes to preparation with imagination, few St. Louis restaurants can match Fio’s La Fourchette, and year after year, visit after visit, Fio and Lisa Antognini keep turning out excellent, elegant meals. All my visits to Fio’s were outstanding from beginning to end: service was quiet and totally professional, every dish looked as if it could have gone right to an art museum, and the taste sensations were wide-ranging and absolutely delightful. In terms of value received, I was convinced I had spent every dollar wisely.”

“When Fio and Lisa Antognini moved the elegant and excellent Fio’s La Fourchette form the Galleria to larger and more comfortable quarters on Forsyth Boulevard, they retained the same number of seats and expanded the kitchen. Fio’s meals are as creative and outstanding as they ever have been, and I think the new space is an improvement. Fio is as imaginative with his language as he is with his cooking. Running through the menu at Fio’s is a highly enjoyable experience. Everything I tasted was familiar, yet a touch different. Herbs and spices do not overwhelm the basic flavor of meat or fish. Spiffy new location. Same wonderful food. Fio’s remains very high in local restaurant rankings.”

Health Magazine, “A Feast for the Senses”, 1987
“What is a meal? More than a way to fill the stomach, as Fio Antognini, owner of Fio’s La Fourchette in St. Louis, has proven. Each four course meal - appetizer, main course, salad, dessert - on his “lite menu” fills other senses as well. The array of tastes satisfies your hunger for variety. Fio’s artistic garnishes fill the eye with beauty. A feast even for the sense of self-discipline.”

AAA Four Diamond Award, 1994 through 2001
“St. Louis boasts a number of fine dining spots. Consistently one of the most popular is Fio’s La Fourchette, with its elegant ambiance and brilliant cuisine. When you glance a the menu, you’ll know that you’re in for a truly special evening. Fio’s a la carte, five and six-course menus change weekly and feature something that will thrill every connoisseur. You’ll be tempted by the dessert menu, which features Fio’s famous soufflés and other award-winning pastries to top off the perfect meal. At Fio’s La Fourchette, you’ll be pampered from the moment you enter.”

Dirona“Distinguished Restaurant” Award, 1992 through 2001
“Fine distinctions and attention to detail are what make Fio’s a splendid restaurant. Fio’s staff is perhaps the best in the City of St. Louis, and they take seriously their responsibility to the diner. Unlike some high-profile St. Louis restaurants, Fio’s patrons don’t come to be seen first and to eat second. Fio’s is an understated restaurant, where food is revered by diners, staff and chef. Swiss-born, chef-owner Fio Antognini, attends to culinary details that even sophisticated palates might miss, the food is stunningly presented. Fio’s is a lovely setting for a marriage proposal, an anniversary, a graduation dinner, or any other celebration. Whether you attend a special event or visit on another night, your gastronomic tour at Fio’s will rival the best meals you’ve had”

American Academy of Restaurant Sciences, “One of the top 25 restaurants in the US”
“Since 1982, Fio’s La Fourchette has provided the ultimate in fine dining. The menus change every week, orchestrating seasonal products, market availability, and Fio’s creativity. The restaurant’s reputation has come from being customer-oriented. Fio is able to produce exactly what the guests request, and his trademark is offering something out of the ordinary. Fio’s La Fourchette has received outstanding reviews from food critics across the country, as well as top awards form local and national publications. His innovative and imaginative menus highlight intense yet light dishes that are visually pleasing and focus on brilliant flavors. His desserts feed the soul.”

“From The Chef’s Table”

“You are the top. I knew this would happen to me sometime, and before I start my next life, this will be the culinary experience to remember.”

“You served me such wonderful food and great wine. I am the most fortunate of the population who have had the honor of dining in your kitchen.”

“This an experience we will never forget. This is the best meal imaginable….our favorite part was the white chocolate soufflé….outstanding.”

“The food, the presentation, the service, it is always the best. It just keeps getting better.”

“We have been dining with you for many years, it is always a wonderful experience. The chef’s table tonight was an extraordinary treat. 24 different tastings . . . can anyone possibly match that? We enjoyed talking all night with Fio, and watching the action in the kitchen. It was indeed an enjoyable and educational evening.”

“Thank you for the most delicious evening of my life! I have traveled far and wide and Fio’s is my favorite. Tonight’s experience was very enjoyable…and the desserts are to die for.”

“A true culinary odyssey! Many varied foods and flavors, all well matched and extremely well prepared. Seeing so many varied and complex dishes prepared was like watching an intricately orchestrated ballet. We enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“Years ago - cannot now recall how many - I read a food review in “Bon Appetit”. The writer, made passing mention of all the well-known establishments in town, but raved about Fio’s. So . . . a few weeks later, I came with friends and began what was and continues to be a wonderful and exciting experience. This evening’s meal, however, was more so. We watched the operation of the kitchen, and to have the opportunity to enjoy Fio’s conversation and dialogue throughout the evening - not to mention the wonderful food - was an extraordinary experience. It is absolutely amazing how you, Fio, can provide such ongoing and continuous attention to your guests.”

“Without a doubt, the most wonderful dining experience ever. The cuisine as usual was perfectly presented and prepared. This was a culinary experience second to none. This evening was as exhilarating as jumping out of an airplane. If my stomach could fit more, I would never leave. As always, I have enjoyed myself immensely.”

“Having been part of a chef’s table at Fio’s, I can die a happy person. This is entirely possible, considering the vast number of incredible dishes I ate. I kept thinking “this it - the best dish of the evening” but no, they just kept getting better.”

“Thank you for making us feel so welcome and so much a part of the kitchen. Fio is an incredible host, teacher, manager and artist. The sauces were absolutely amazing, all with their own distinct flavor, texture and color. All the dishes had complexity and depth. Wow! Wow! Wow! Unforgettable.”

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