Custom Private Events

“Our mission is to inspire culinary fulfillment through creativity, precision, and respect for quality ingredients.”

For the ultimate private culinary adventure, the extraordinary journey begins here. Fio will utilize his unique experience to create the kinds of dishes his client is interested in. If you have favorites, or are partial to a particular region’s cuisine, Fio will design appropriate menus. If you want to leave it “up to him”, he assures your enthusiastic satisfaction.

Private Sit Down Dinners

Hors D’Oeuvre Events

Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure

Culinary Tours of the SouthWest

Delivered Gourmet Lunches

Personal Chef Services

Private Cooking Instruction

Clubs & Associations


Culinary Tours & Travel

Sample Menus

Private Sit Down Dinners

Book Fio as your private chef for the ultimate sit-down dinner in your home! This is the perfect opportunity to have a memorable dining event for your family, friends or business associates. A world-class private chef dinner in the privacy your home. On the date of your event, we guide you on an extraordinary culinary journey, featuring a delicious orchestration of dishes, in a multi-course menu. Our Private Chef Dinner showcases our vibrant cuisine, robust flavors, brilliant seasonings and love for cooking. We arrive, set-up, prepare, cook, serve, wash all the dishes, and leave leftovers in the refrigerator. From Start to finish, every little detail will be attended to. Kitchen size is not important, we can perform our magic anywhere in the world.
Also available; the “Chef’s home Dinner” option; enjoy your Private Chef Dinner in our professionally designed open-kitchen St. George home; (fireside palate teasers, indoor & outdoor seating weather permitting).

Private Chef Dinner events are priced at $99.- per person for the menu, plus a per event $99.- set-up fee.

two person dinner $297.-

four person dinner $495.-

six person dinner $693.-

eight person dinner $891.-

ten person dinner $1,089.-

twelve person dinner $1,287.-

“Chef’s home Dinner” option; enjoy your Private Chef Dinner in our professionally designed open-kitchen St. George home; (fireside palate teasers, indoor & outdoor seating weather permitting).

two person dinner $249.-

four person dinner $399.-

six person dinner $549.-

eight person dinner $699.-

ten person dinner $849.-

twelve person dinner $999.-


Hors D’Oeuvre Events

For parties of all sizes, Fio will provide everything you need to make your event a stunning success. Fio’s culinary excellence features a variety of exciting appetizer and hors d’oeuvre choices. The flawless presentation of our beautiful and delicious offerings are sure to tickle the eye and tempt the appetite.

Hors D’Oeuvre Events are priced starting at approximately $49.- per person plus set-up fee (starting @ $99.-).


Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure

Hours: Daily at 5:00 pm by reservation.
Where: a memorable private dinner presented in the setting of nature’s beauty; from a sunset canyon overlook to a babbling brook, several beautiful secluded locations are available. Clients are picked up at their St. George area hotel, and driven to the private outdoor location.
Price: Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure events are priced as follows;

four person dinner           $599.-

six person dinner             $797.-

eight person dinner          $995.-

ten person dinner          $1,193.-

twelve person dinner     $1,391.-
What’s included :
Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure price includes; transportation (our driver brings guests to and/from their hotel, to the location in our passenger van), park permit fees, set-up, menu, and beverage (we bring and set up; a full portable kitchen, dining area, restroom facilities, etc.). On the day of the reservation, clients are picked up at their home, business, spa or hotel, and driven to their selected location. Fio then guides guests on a extraordinary culinary journey guaranteed to fulfill the senses. Between the drive, dinner and return back, we allow approximately 3 to 4 hours +/-. As part of the Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure, we will be taking many photographs of the guests, the location, the evening, the food, and we will be emailing you a DropBox link with over one hundred photos of the event.
Sample menu from a recent “Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure” (we have a wide selection of menu items to choose from)
Palate Teasers
Minted pea cocktail
Rope-cultured mussels with Dijon mustard sauce
Beef tenderloin carpaccio with fennel
Sun-dried tomato and olive pastry
First Course
Seabass & shrimp cocktail, avocado, summer greens
and shaved asparagus with ginger dressing
Main Course
Grilled New Zealand lamb rack
with apricot-mustard glaze
accompanied by spinach stuffed zucchini
and parmesan-potato gnocchi
Award-winning four layer white chocolate toffee torte
with fresh assorted berries
Petit Fours
Swiss Cookies, Chocolate Truffles and
Raspberry Petit Fours
Canyon Dining Adventure
Crawdad Canyon, Veyo Utah


Culinary Tours of the Southwest

Hours: Daily at 1:00 pm by reservation.
Where: Clients are picked up at the Las Vegas airport.
Price: The Culinary Tour of the SouthWest events are priced at $775.- per person for a three-day tour.

What’s included in the tour:

—- All transportation (from McCarran Airport) is included, as you enjoy the Culinary Tour (we will be traveling in and around the Las Vegas Nevada, southern Utah, and the St. George Utah areas).

—- All restaurant and culinary establishment visits are included (food, meals, beverage, etc.). This includes a variety of restaurants (utilizing your list of favorite cuisines), as well as the Canyon Dining Adventure, and a private chef’s table breakfast brunch in our kitchen.

—– All tours, market visits and excursions are included. This also includes professional culinary business and hotel kitchen visits.

These custom designed programs can include everything from a one-day dining excursion, to multi-day culinary adventures enjoying a wide variety of gastronomic samplings. We meet you at the Las Vegas airport, and whisk you off for one, two or multiple days, of “food” excursions, including visits to restaurants, ethnic bistros, unique markets, casino hotel kitchens, and our featured Canyon dining adventure. Every detail of your culinary adventure will be attended to. Plan on arriving with a healthy appetite, and ready for an exciting gastronomic tour. We start by emailing guests a questionnaire on their favorite cuisines, ingredient preferences, culinary likes and dislikes, what they are eager to see and experience, and more. Using the answers we then create an itinerary customized for these special guests based on their answers and culinary preferences.

List of questions and other requested information;

Please give us a list of your favorite five ethnic cuisines, in order of preferences (example 1 Japanese, 2 Italian, etc.)

Do you have favorite food/dish/ingredient preferences? (examples; shellfish, finfish, lamb, beef, vegetables, fruits, pastas, etc.)

Do you have interest in touring the “behind the scenes” of professional kitchens?

Do you have any food ingredient dislikes or allergies? Do you have favorite wines? (regional or grape variety)

Have you enjoyed the city of Las Vegas’ culinary establishments? other Southwest area establishments? if so, which establishments?

For the Canyon Dining Adventure would you prefer a sunset canyon overlook (high up on a ridge), or a babbling brook setting (down in a secluded narrow canyon)?

This will be an exciting, educational and very busy event. Special focus is given to each dish that you will be tasting, on it’s food history, ingredient composition, presentation, taste and texture. We guarantee an amazing culinary adventure!!

Sample Itinerary for one of our most recent Culinary Tour of the SouthWest groups, included visits (not necessarily in order of visitation);

Guest pick-up at the Las Vegas Airport

Chocolate fountain at Jean-Philippe’s pastry shop in the Bellagio Hotel (chocolate and pastries)

Raku’s Restaurant (eclectic Japanese cuisine)

Chinatown market (an amazing array of very unique produce, meats, fish, etc.)

Alize Restaurant (French cuisine)

Bradley Ogden’s Restaurant — Caesar’s Palace Hotel (classic, eclectic… of only two places that offer the real Kobe beef)

Aureole Restaurant — Mandalay Bay Hotel (classic and eclectic desserts……amazing wine list)

Todd’s Restaurant (eclectic American cuisine)

Thursday evening “Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure” at the Canyon Overlook, Green Valley Gap, St. George Utah

Friday morning Soufflé Breakfast in Fio and Lisa’s Garden

Eureka Hotel and Casino (commercial hotel kitchen operations tour)

Mediterranean market (a wide selection of Mediterranean items; meats, seafood, produce, etc.)

The V Thai Restaurant (best Thai cuisine in Las Vegas, specializing in curries and noodles)Restaurant Depot (wholesale products…where the restaurants shop) and much more!!!!!!!!!!


Delivered Gourmet Lunches

The “Delivered Gourmet Lunch” program in the St. George Utah area, is a delicious, gourmet packaged lunch, including beverages, made fresh every morning, and delivered to you that morning, at your condo, hotel, meeting place, place of business, or departure point. Lunches are presented in disposable, labeled, all-inclusive, individual containers. These containers arrive to you inside an insulated, easy to transport, convenient coolers (along with freezer packs and chilled beverages).

“Delivered Gourmet Lunch” menu offerings.
– Sliced turkey with roast garlic sauce on baguette with lettuce –
– Spinach, sundried tomato, olive, cucumber, hummus & lettuce wrap –
– Smoked salmon croissant with cream cheese and lettuce –
All three are accompanied by a marinated vegetable medley, fresh fruit, homemade decadent chocolate pastry, and beverage.
Orders are requested to be placed at least 24 hours in advance,
and priced @ $25.- per person (with a four lunch minimum).


Personal Chef Services

Fio wants to work with his clients in medium to long term contractual arrangements, which provide for the dining, entertaining and hospitality needs of his client, but also allows him time to pursue his personal interests. His clients will be inspired by Fio’s cooking, wine expertise and event management experience. He will seamlessly handle the entire burden of running your kitchen and/or your events, including details like menu, wine and beverage suppliers, staffing needs, floral procurement, rentals . . . absolutely everything (and anything) to provide your guests with a consistent, world class, “one of a kind” experience.

Drawing on over 35 years of experience, creativity and an amazing passion for food, Fio will guide your entire culinary adventure as needed; menu, food purchase, preparation, serving, clean-up, etc. at your home or venue of choice. Each private dinner is orchestrated focusing on the client’s preferences (personal, nutritional, etc.) and seasonal product availability, resulting in a spectacular dining experience. This service is available anywhere, as Fio is very willing to travel. Special consideration will be needed for travel and lodging. Based on event size, assistants may be required (dining room servers, kitchen, bar, clean-up, etc).


Private Cooking Instruction

What could possibly be better than joining Fio in his kitchen for custom cooking instruction? Answer, eating the food that’s been created! Fio is extending an invitation to join him at his own home, in his professionally designed kitchen, for one-on-one cooking instruction. You can pick the dishes you’d like to learn to cook from Fio’s recommendations.

Arrive at Fio’s home in St. George at around 2 PM for this extraordinary event. You’ll learn new skills and techniques with Fio, then dine on what you’ve created. The event generally lasts three to four hours! Prices range from $249.00 for an individual, to $599 for the maximum sized group of four. The pricing includes everything . . . instruction, ingredients, and dinner. A unique opportunity! Gift certificates are available!

Cooking Instruction Sample Menus:

Mussels Dijonaise

Marinated Lamb loin in lemon, garlic and fennel

Florida red snapper “en papillotte” with crawfish,

herbs and wild mushrooms

White chocolate mousse accompanied by minitrated

grapes and tuile cup

A wide assortment of other dishes are available for Fio’s demonstration and for your enjoyment, please call us for a list and details.


Clubs & Associations

Private Country Clubs, Spas, Culinary Clubs, such as Chaine de Rotisseur or Commanderie de Bordeaux, desiring that special dining experience for their members, at their club or special location, can experience the same service we describe for

private dining. The Club Manager, has the opportunity to provide members with a one or two week run of a world class “guest Chef”. For larger special events Fio can recommend and obtain required staff, at the location of your choice, as needed.



Many wineries throughout in North America feature special

wine dinners regularly to promote their wines. Fio is available to coordinate a memorable menu, focusing on dinners where each course is in perfect complementing harmony with the specified accompanying wine. Should there be appropriate facilities, Fio can also host cooking demonstrations or classes incorporating the host’s wines.


Culinary Tours & Travel

Private groups, businesses, families or travel companies may have an interest in hiring Fio to take a group on a customized culinary tour of a region or country. The tour could include restaurants, wineries, markets, etc., and could be customized for the participant’s own special interests. Fio’s personal interests and expertise include hiking, biking, skiing, paragliding, and much more. Should your group or family be interested in any of these activities, Fio could guide the adventure, from the mountaintop to the dining room! Should you want Fio to prepare dinners at a special location (vacation home, yachts, adventure trips, European tours, etc.) this service is available with obvious consideration being given to the on site venue, as well as other related logistics.

Sample Menus

Hors D’Oeuvres Event

Canyon Dining Adventure

Anniversary Dinner

Birthday Dinner

Wild Game Dinner

Mystery Dinner

World Seafood Celebration

Heart Smart menu

Hors D’Oeuvres Event

Gingered crab

Foie gras terrine

Rosemary-citrus free-range chicken

Maine lobster puffs

Marinated mushrooms in truffle oil

Sesame salmon

Cured beef tenderloin

Mussels Dijonaise

Radish-avocado surprise

Toasted hazelnut and brie tartes

American caviar

Goat cheese stuffed mushrooms

Gravlachs salmon

Atomic shrimp

Minted pea cocktail

Escargot with herbs and garlic

New Zealand venison crostini

Canyon Dining Adventure

– Chilled curried carrot soup –

– Goat cheese and roasted beets with truffle oil –

– Terrine of sole with Gulf shrimp and ginger sauce –

– Layered Napolean of Yukon gold potato, smoked Scottish salmon, and avocado with marinated wild mushrooms, and our famous Absolute vodka and dill Lemonaise–

– Pan-roasted Alaskan halibut served in a saffron-herb broth with tomato, pinenut-basil tortellini and poached lentils –

– White chocolate toffee torte with minted strawberries –

– Swiss cookies, chocolate petit fours and raspberry petit fours –

Anniversary Dinner

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; citrus chicken, black truffle custard and marinated morel mushrooms —

— Rendezvous of Atlantic mussels Dijonaise, glazed shrimp and cured Gulf redfish with Absolut Citron vodka Lemonaise —

— Peppered beef tenderloin accompanied by rosemaryHollandaise, cumin roasted potatoes and garlic spinach —

—Grand Marnier soufflé, served with chocolate and custard sauces—

—Café and petit fours—

Birthday Dinner

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; Oldani coppa, pickled mushrooms and Atlantic mussels Dijonaise —

— Foie Gras terrine and sliced cured duck breast on cognac sauce —

— Grilled coconut shrimp with ginger broth —

— Lime marinated salmon and sea scallops with shiitake mushrooms —

— Cosmopolitan sorbet (cranberry, champagne and lime) —

— Rendezvous of rubbed beef tenderloin and roast lamb rack, with Cabernet Sauvignon reduction, black truffle custard and rosemary potatoes —

— Praliné-chocolate soufflé, served with custard sauce —

— Café and petit fours —

Wild Game Menu

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; Atlantic mussels Dijonaise, glazed shrimp and avocado-radish surprise —

— Tarragon marinated rabbit loin, thinly sliced Muscovy duck breast and Hudson Valley Foie Gras terrine, served on decorated herb sauce with onion relish —

— Alaskan caribou egg roll, jugged Colorado elk and Scottish pheasant custard, served on sherried veal glaze with cream —

— Warm puff pastry tarte with wild boar bacon, braised North Dakota partridge, and ostrich sausage, accompanied by assorted greens with mustard vinaigrette —

— Grilled New Zealand venison, Arctic musk ox fritter and oven lacquered Carolina quail, served with cranberries and our famous roast garlic sauce —

— Cinnamon rum raisin soufflé, served with custard sauce —

— Café and petit fours —

Mystery Dinner

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; garlic infused pheasant puffs,marinated beef and gingered lobster —

— Free-range chicken and puff pastry strudel, seasoned with shallots and toasted hazelnuts, accompanied by cucumber-bacon dressing —

— Seared swordfish topped with an oregano crust and served on a tomato coulis —

— Sautéed ostrich medallions with rosemary hollandaise, cumin roasted potatoes and curried zucchini

— Vanilla poached pear, molasses mousse, brown butter tuile and blackberries —

— Café and petit fours —

World Seafood Celebration

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; cured New Zealand venison and herbed goat cheese —

— Sliced monkfish, mussels Dijonnaise and Carolyn Collins’ caviar, served withgrape-mango

relish (Hackleback Sturgeon, “Citron” Whitefish, “Gravlax” Salmon and “Cajun” Bowfin) —

— Smoked Irish salmon, pickled red fish and marinated crawfish, served with Absolut Citron vodka and dill lemonaise and Thai cucumber salad —

— Roast lobster, Gulf shrimp and cured tuna, with water chestnuts and an oriental broth —

— Sautéed soft-shell crab, peppered swordfish and seared sea scallop, served on saffron Beurre Blanc with cumin roasted potatoes and a medley of spinach and asparagus —

— Grand Marnier soufflé, with both custard and chocolate sauces —

— Café and petit fours —

Heart Smart Menu

— Fio’s assortment of palate teasers; gingered crab, rosemary lamb, and coriander tomato —

— Chilled free-range chicken and shiitake mushrooms paprika sauce and Mardi Gras zucchini —

— Cucumber, watermelon and red onion salad with lemon-shallot dressing and mint —

— Honey-mustard wild salmon in yellow tomato, citrus and herb broth —

— Lemon soufflé served warm with raspberry sauce —

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