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Summer 2011 Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure Special

Fios palate teasers;
An assortment of amazing seasonal creations
First course
Grilled shrimp with summer tomatoes,
fresh herbs and cucumber-bacon dressing
Main course
Pressed New Zealand lamb rack with roast garlic sauce,
accompanied by Yukon Gold potatoes and roasted vegetables
Dessert course
Award-winning four layer white chocolate toffee torte with fresh berries
Petit fours
Swiss cookies and chocolate petit fours

The Summer Special Menu is priced @ $69.- per person (minimum four guests).

Includes guest pick-up, set-up, dinner, and beverages.
The Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure is a world-class culinary experience, and features a memorable private dinner presented in the setting of natures beauty. On the day of your event, we pick you upand drive you to our unique and beautiful sunset overlook outdoor dining location, where we will guideyou and your guests on an extraordinary culinary journey guaranteed to fulfill the senses. From Start to finish, every little detail will be attended to. This menu can also be enjoyed in the privacy your condo, home orat one of our available private indoor facilities.

We’re on Facebook — click below and become a Fio’s Fan.

Here are a few more comments on food and more:

..”Fio and Lisa, Thank you very much for a wonderful meal and a wonderful evening. We especially enjoyed the new flavors and finds that you bring! Needless to say, we are enjoying the leftovers!”…

Lisa and Fio, You are totally awesome and made us look like rock stars. The menu created a party in my mouth. We all had happy plates, and you get all the credit! “….

.Dear Lisa and Fio, Thank you just does not encompass all the feelings we have for the two of you after our week in Utah! We had a wonderful time in every dimension because you gave so much of your time and energy and love to the six eager travelers that descended upon you We know why Fios mind was racing and all the lists were made they covered every detail from hiking poles, to hot soup on the trail! … We have known for 35 years that Fio was a great chef, but to see yesterdays polenta become todays soup and Tuesdays elk leftovers become todays puff pastry appetizers in person was sheer joy. We are blessed to know you both .

Fios Gourmet Fitness Camp

Join us for an all-inclusive three day/two night Southwest program, dedicated to fresh healthy cuisine and fitness. This program offers delicious & nutritious gourmet food featuring fresh ingredients, combined with intensive fitness activities, spa treatments, massage and much more all in the beauty of the Southwests high desert.
This is the perfect way to jump start a fitness and nutrition program, while developing healthy relationships with fresh food and fitness experiences.
We customize packages that fit any need. This program offers the perfect fitness getaway vacation for everyone - men, women, couples, friends and family.
Please email us at info@fiosculinaryadventures.com for program options, details and date availability.


Here’s a video answering one of our client’s question about The Perfect Souffle.

By request, we’re also posting this video we made on how to easily seed a pomegranate.

This quote is from a recent Canyon Sunset Dining Adventure;

Dear Fio and Lisa~ WOW! What a fabulous event! We had an amazing time at dinner. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate my 50th. I will remember it always. Thank you for all the incredible details and all the love that went into everything you did for us. We loved every minute of it!Everything was first class! We look forward to getting a chance to participate in another event with you some day. We will be very proud to recommend you to friends.

- Fio’s Culinary Adventures -

If you are passionate about great food, this is where the adventure begins. We invite you to tease your culinary imagination, and consider the possibilities that fun gourmet cuisine can bring.

For the ultimate private dining event, please go to Private Dining. After over thirty-five years of professional cooking experience, twenty of those years as chef/owner of one of St. Louis best restaurants (see reviews), I have decided to share my expertise, and love for cooking, focusing my passion for unique culinary experiences. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in private dining in your home or at the location of your choice, we want to share in your future culinary journeys. For more professional support, like restaurant consulting, or developing a private label line of sauces, or ready to eat meals, I guarantee a memorable culinary journey to its ultimate destination.

In the true gastronomic sense, the culinary journey is the destination. Fio Antognini

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